2018 Canada Visa Lottery Online Registration Form – Apply Now

Canada Visa Lottery Online Registration Form – Have you heard that the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Registration Form is now out online, The Canada Visa Lottery Application portal is open to all individual who wishes to apply and immigrate to Canada. Here is your last opportunity to immigrate to Canada with the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Registration Form.

Read this article carefully as it contains the full guide you need about the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Registration Form.

Migrating to Canada is not as easy as you think. Before you apply Canada Visa Lottery Form, they are some certain thing to put into considerations. First things first, it’s important to point out that all matters relating to immigration and citizenship are examined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

So if you are keen to move to Canada, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this department. The Canadian Government has stringent processes in place to maintain tight control over movement in and out of the country.

Visas are required to show an individual has official permission to reside in their adopted country, and these have an expiration date, so it’s important to keep them updated. 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Registration Form is for all interested person irrespective of your marital status; (Single, Married, Divorced, etc). There is absolutely no barrier as to who can apply and everyone stands an equal opportunity.

You can apply for the visa either online or by filling out a paper form, both of which can be found on the DIBP website. There are many types of visa including:

The most important thing is to decide which option is most suitable for you before you begin the application process.

How To Apply For 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Registration Form


To start your application/registration process for the Canada visa simply follow the steps below:

1. Visit https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration/apply.asp

2. Click on the Online application form

3. Kindly keen on your details on the registration form


While filling the form, you are to provide the following.

  • Contact information including your email, phone number, and return address.
  • Evaluation Form
  • Personal profile
  • Personal Net Worth
  • Language skill
  • Work History

4. Once done, Click on submit to complete the online registration form successfully.

Now, You will be assigned a Transaction Reference Number, which will allow you to upload any documents when necessary. It’s vitally important that you keep this number safe, as you will need to cite it when you have any communication with the DIA.

Every year, over 35 million people choose to visit Canada to enjoy the many opportunities which Canada has to offer, including visiting family and friends.

Canada Visa Lottery Online Registration – Things To Consider

Whether you choose to submit your application online or offline, here are some essential tips that you need to consider. You must:

  • Indicate the class of visa that you want
  • Use the correct form; or apply to the internet (where applicable)
  • Provide your residential address
  • Pay the required charge (where applicable)
  • Satisfy any other requirements
  • Send or deliver your application as instructed by the specific visa application form, or contact the general inquiries line for assistance.
  • Complete the application in English
  • Answer all questions truthfully – if you provide incorrect information or documents, your visa may not be granted. Don’t take the risk!
  • Provide originals or certified copies of any required documents unless the department advises otherwise.

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