2018 Visa Lottery Application Guides | How To Win 2018 Visa Lottery – ( Canada, America, China, Australia, Brazil)

2018 Visa Lottery Application – Till today, thousands of people are still faced with the problem of getting the right information about the 2018 Visa Lottery Application guides and process. For that reason, we have decided to update all applicants who wish to take part or apply for the 2018 Visa Lottery in Canada, America, Australia, China, Brazil, US.

All applicants who wish to apply for the 2018 visa lottery are to read this article carefully as it will serve as a key guide to their success for the when filling the 2018 visa lottery form online.

A VISA lottery application is the only pathway that grants an individual to register and apply for a visa and if he/she is finally chosen, migrates to their dream country. On this article, we will be focusing on the countries listed below: (Canada, America, Australia, China, Brazil, US).

2018/2019 Chinese Visa Lottery Online Registration Form – Apply Here

Before you apply for a visa they are many things to consider, which include your main aim of visiting the country. They are many kinds of visa from various countries of the world.

So if you are applying you know the main reason you wish to apply. The Visa lottery application is done every year for applicants to register and apply online for their visa lottery form online.

Types Of Visa Lottery Application Forms

The Following categories of visas are issued by most countries:

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Like I said earlier that your reason for applying determines the type of visa to apply for. Now we all be showing you how to apply for 2018 Visa Lottery Application form for the countries listed above.

Steps To Apply For 2018 Visa Lottery Application Form

2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application

The 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application form is out online, all interested applicants who wish to apply and migrate to Canada can now apply and fill their form online through the link below – http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/apply.asp


Those seeking a work visa or skilled labor visa to work and live in Canada must have adequate education and experience to qualify. You can contact the nearest Canadian consular office or visit their website to make further inquiries about the Canadian Visa program.

Simple Step To Apply For Canadian Visa Lottery Form 2018

2018 American Visa Lottery Application Form

To register for 2018 American Visa Lottery Application Form, Applicants are to apply for a green card lottery form through the link below – https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/


The US Department of States grants a number of immigrant visas otherwise known as Green Cards to applicants through a lottery system. The green card lottery is an official program pursuant to Sec. 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

2018 China Visa Lottery Application

To register for 2018 China Visa Lottery Application Form, Applicants are to apply for a green card lottery form through the link below – https://www.visaforchina.org/PAR_EN/System


When filling the form, please make sure all information is complete and accurate. the form cannot be modified once you click the “confirm and print button”.

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How To Win 2018 Visa Lottery – Things To Consider

They are some essential tips that you need to know and consider if you want your visa to be approved quickly. Please while filling the form, You must

1. Indicate the class of visa you wish to apply for

2. Use the correct form, or apply to the internet (where applicable)

3. Provide your personal and residential information correctly

4. Pay the required charge (where applicable)

5. Send and deliver your application as instructed by the specific visa application form, or contact the general inquiries line for assistance

6. Answer all questions truthfully – if you provide incorrect information or document, your visa may not be granted. don’t take the risk!

7. Also, make sure you provide originals or certified copies of any required documents unless the department advises otherwise and

8. Please make sure you satisfy any other requirements correctly.


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