Facebook.com – How To Order & Pay For Food On Facebook

Surprise to hear this, Do you know the world most popular social networks FACEBOOK, Now allows it’s user to Order & Pay For Food On Facebook. But that does not make Facebook an online retailing service like UberEats, Konga etc.

With this new feature on Facebook, all registered user can now Order & Pay For Food On Facebook. Before this new feature was rolled out, people already go to Facebook to figure out what to eat.This can be done by reading about nearby restaurants and seeing the opinions of their friends about such restaurants and what they have to offer.

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By now many people will be thinking of how this work. Do you want to know How To Order & Pay For Food On Facebook? If so, Relax and read this article carefully to learn How To Order & Pay For Food On Facebook.

How To Order & Pay For Food On Facebook

You can order Order & Pay For Food On Facebook, through Pages with Restaurants associated with them. For people to be able to order for food through such pages, a start Order button must be added to such pages.

Facebook.com - How To Order & Pay For Food On Facebook

You can also browse Restaurants nearby by visiting the Order Food section in the Explore Menu. From there, you can browse food options and select Start Order when you must have found exactly what you were looking for.

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Depending on the Restaurants service options, you can choose Takeouts or delivery service. Let’s say you have a Delivery.com account, you can easily order with your existing login. But if you don’t have an account with that service, Facebook has made it possible for you to easily sign up without leaving the Facebook app.

This feature is indeed very nice but sadly it is not yet available for all. This service has just been successfully rolled out for all in the United States on iOS, Android, and Desktop. click here to Order for food on FACEBOOK here.

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Please Note – When you order your for food online, Facebook does not deliver it to you, Rather it helps you to achieve these feet by combining options from a number of food ordering service like Delivery.com, EatStreat, Olo, DoorDash, ChowNow, as well as Restaurants like Five Guys, Papa John’s, Panera and jack in the Box.

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