JOB TIPS- Top Tips On How To Find A Job In Nigeria & Other Countries

JOB TIPS – How To Find A Job In Nigeria &  Other Countries: Finding a job these days does not seem to be that easy, Nigeria which is still a developing country has half of its youth as Graduate but there is still no job for them to fix themselves in. Here is some tips that will help you in searching for a job.

Job tips

Applying for a job these days seems to be hard than before, in Nigeria today you will see a Graduate with a first class degree but yet he is still unemployed. Following the tips am going to show you here I think will at least help must of our job seekers today in securing a job for them. below are the top tips on how to find a job.

How To Find A Job In Nigeria

Get yourself prepared:

Always be ready for an interview, Interview preparation is more than learning about a company and her operation. It includes learning how to talk about yourself in a meaningful and powerful way. To achieve this, create a list of potential interview questions and the answers to each, practice speaking in a serious interview manner and simulate interview environment with friends. Dress smart and neat and don’t forget your courtesy. Remember to make eye contacts and don’t be in a hurry to answer questions, relax and listen attentively.

Sound correspondence:

Do not forget to come up with a good cover letter and resume (For more information on good cover letters and resume, click Here. Don’t use a template cover letter. Make sure each letter addresses specific skills or qualities the company is looking for. This gives you an edge over applicants that submit template cover letters.


Stay positive:

The most important thing when searching for jobs during economic recessions is to remain positive. Do not lose hope of getting a job. Do not feel that there is nothing you can do to get a job. Believe firmly in yourself, follow some of these tips and you will definitely land in a great job. The economic condition might make you start losing hope but always know that you can if you believe you can.

Pick and choose your targets

It is important to put your strength, time and energy in jobs you are most interested in and qualified for. Pick few companies and follow them whether there are present openings or not. Since there are many unemployed, going for positions that you are not qualified for may be and effort in futility because there are many qualified people chasing fewer jobs. Just applying for any job or jobs you are not qualified for will not only deplete your scarce resources but increase your frustration.


Work on your social network:

This is the time to attend networking and social functions. Connect people and let them know you are searching. With this age of social networks like Facebook, Hi-5, Twitter and other networks it is time you let technology help you connect with more friends and increase your chances of getting a job. Don’t be shy, just consider it like marketing, the more people know you are unemployed the more chances they will give you information about job openings.

Take a temporary job

Taking up a temporary job such as a weekend job or an event-driven job. This option may carry your bills until a permanent position comes up. A good way to start is to volunteer for a job in your church, mosque, an upcoming event or social gathering. Sometimes doing a volunteer work gives you some necessary experience that can drive other endeavors of your life.

How To Identify & Avoid Job Scams

1. No Business Name or Contact Address

Take note, no legitimate firm will advertise for jobs without stating boldly their name, brand identity, and physical contact address. Also, no legitimate firm will ask you to send your resume to the advertiser through a P.O. Box, P.M.B or public e-mail addresses (hot mail or g-mail or yahoo mail). Firms do not hide their name or addresses rather they use the job adverts to advertise their company, offering you link to their website and providing information on their products and services.


2. Avoid Duplicate Website

The most typical trick used by job scammers today is duplicating websites of known companies and registering domain names similar to those of these companies. Domain name is the web address of a website e.g.

3. Avoid Receiving e-mails Offering You a job

When a job alert comes to your inbox while you did not apply for a job If a random e-mail appears in your inbox offering you a job, be sure to check it out. Following some of the guidelines from steps one and two, this is likely a scam; especially if it is an overseas company.

Other Tips Includes

  • Keep your CV short and clear, with abilities and skills right on the first page.
  • Always be in a good mood, it helps to sound friendly and interested.
  • Always Have your degree certificates and/or reference letters ready to fax or mail to the recruiter if asked.

With this tips, I think you can easily find a job anywhere.