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Join US Army From Common Wealth Countries – Do you wish to joi US Army? Do you have all it takes to work with the US Army? If yes, finding a way to do that will be wise because this page is here to show How To Join US Army From Common Wealth Countries. To start your online application, you are advised to read all the information here carefully as it will serve as a guide when filling the US Army Form Online.

Ever since this year, we’ve been directing people on how to join USA army; we’ve written so many guides on that and this is one of them. So now joining an army is not a simple thing, before one takes a step to do that, the person must have thought about it.

Although the military schools and training vary from different country to another; but just know that Military is military no matter the country or continent. Be it British army, US army or even Nigerian army, all is the same.

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So without wasting your time, this guide here is to direct all applicants from different Commonwealth countries who will like to join the US Army; so if you are among them please keep reading to find the full procedure and information.

How To Join US Army From Common Wealth Countries

If you have the interest and desire to join the US Army from Nigeria or other common Wealth Countries, then the first thing you will do is to get a recruiter from their website. All you have to do now is to:

  • log on to
  • Click on apply now
  • Meet with a recruiter
  • Answer all the questions required and get ready to migrate.

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As a Nigerian OR Applicants from other Commonwealth countries, before you think of proceeding with the US army online application, first think of how to get your visa and migrate to the US, then after all another process can then fit in.


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