Www.2go.im Download 2go APK Latest version 7.6.0 on www.2go.im

Good news for all 2go users, you can now upgrade/Download 2go APK Latest version 7.6.0 now. this new 2go version has just been released by 2go team. Recently, I launched my 2go APK V 7.1.3 messenger and to my surprise, I was told to update my 2go messenger to the latest version being v 7.6.0 which I did.

The 2go team is proud to announce 2go v 7.6.0! for Java, android, window phones and Blackberry users. You can now download the newly released 2go APK latest Version 7.6.0 in Java. Feel free to download 2go APK Version both in Java .jar and Zip Application for all the Java Compatible Phone, Tecno, Blackberry, Samsung, Android, HTC, Java, and Symbian Phones with New Looks and chatting system.

Www.2go.im Download 2go APK Latest version 7.6.0 on www.2go.im

The newly 2go version was updated to ensure much faster delivery system as well as to boost smooth chat between users.

New Added Features

Friends – You now have a chance to see all your friends including those that are currently online and offline.

Chats – This feature now has a QWERTY interface integrated into the 2go 7.6.0 messenger.

2go Rooms – This just got better 2go v7.0bring you a much more interactive option to the 2go chat rooms.

2go Fastlane – 2go team added a new feature to the Messenger called 2go 7.6 Fastlane. You can get quick access to Sports Updates, News from Supersports and News24 from the fastlane.

2go Star Progress – This latest 2go version star progress now unveils a status bar which shows you your progress. Also, the recent editions of 2go stop at 2go Ultimate. Currently, 2go team have added 5 new stars namely Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and Black Diamond respectively.

2go News – This is the place you get updated on what is happening on 2go, 2go notifies you of any changes they want to make> on www.2go.com News you are the first to know of any update that is available for you, that is why this is a very important feature.

2go Profile – This is your profile on 2go, it carries information that your friends get to see on 2go, on your 2go Profile, you can provide a photo of you there so your friends can see you, it has your gender, and location.

Download 2go APK Latest version 7.6.0

Below, I’ve made the process of downloading the 2go Interactive much easier. So follow the steps and download now

1. Visit www.2go.im on your mobile phone

2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone

3. Launch the application and fill in a short registration

4. Start chatting!