www.npower.gov.ng – How To Successfully Check 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result Online

Good news to all Npower candidate who took part in the assessment test which was conducted online via your portal, the 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result is out. The 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result has been released online, and we are here to show applicants who are unable to see their checkĀ 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result online. This page will show you simple steps to check your 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result which is out.

Furthermore, the 2017 Npower screening test is still on-going for candidates who have not taken their online assessment test. This online assessment test started with Npower Teach tax and will end with Npower Teach.

How to Successfully Check 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result

If you are one of those candidates that finds it difficult to check their results online. follow the steps below.

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Npower team prepared text messages across those successful claim has passed Npower online screening test and guidance to select the device of their choice via the portal.

If you really passed the test when you login so many devices will come up for you to select, if you login and it shows error that means you are not among the successful applicants that passed the N-power test

  • Login to your Npower portal via https://apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login/index.php
  • Use your Phone Number and BVN number as your login details
  • Click on device page
  • Then select device of your choice
  • Then, finally submit

Congratulations if you passed the test.